Why Retailers Need Help from Mobile App Development Firms

Published Thursday, May 24, 2018   www.grability.com

In this day and age, it's just not enough to have a brick and mortar retail store.

It's not even just enough to have a website.

Customers want more. They deserve more. They're demanding more. This includes convenience, at the highest level.

In today's world, retailers need to be where customers live, providing instantaneous access, 24/7. This means developing a mobile strategy that gives customers exactly what they want, when and where they want it.

Why Mobile Apps Outshine Websites

When we say "mobile strategy," it doesn't mean simply having a mobile-friendly website, although that's extremely important, too.

We're talking more about mobile apps—the new frontier of digital marketing, brand development and customer experience. In fact, shopping via mobile apps grew an astounding 54% in 2017, according to an annual 'State of Mobile' report by Flurry, a mobile analytics, advertising and monetization company that among other services, develops and markets a consumer interaction mobile analytics platform.

"The Shopping category grew by 54% as consumers continue to shift their spending into e-commerce via mobile shopping apps," states the analysis. "Users are increasingly comfortable making physical purchases on their phones with now ingrained in-app digital purchase habits.

"Additionally, digital wallet services such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay allow seamless access to stored payment information for mobile purchases," it continues.

As these stats prove, consumers are looking more and more to apps to bring their retail shopping out of stores and into the convenience of their own homes, so they can easily browse products, apply coupons, and pay for purchases—all in one seamless, beautiful environment.

Retailers everywhere should take note.

If you aren't utilizing a mobile app to supplement your business and provide customers with what they want and expect, you're going to drastically fall behind competitors already doing so.

Grability specializes in retail app development for the grocery and consumer goods industries via a mobile white-label enterprise platform solution that's dynamic, personalized, easily integrable, and so much more.

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