Three Speakers You Won't Want to Miss at the 2018 Digital Food and Beverage Conference

Published Monday, July 09, 2018

Grability is extremely excited to be attending Digital Food & Beverage 2018: The Conference For eCommerce and Digital Marketing Innovators in the Food and Beverage Industry, to be held at Westin Chicago River North on July 16 and 17.

This two-day gathering of more than 200 digital marketers and eCommerce innovators from across the industry will host a collaborative—and critical—discussion about the latest developments and challenges facing the food and beverage industry in this increasingly digital age, while also providing potential solutions.

Dozens of executives from top companies across the grocery, food, beverage, and eCommerce spectrum will be on hand to address those in attendance through a series of informative talks, strategy sessions, and moderated panels and roundtable discussions focusing on the state of FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods), and what's to come.

Since the symposium is tackling trends within the food and beverage industry, after all, its main themes are aptly titled "A Dash of Digital: Taking Your Business From Bites to Bytes" and "Get. In. My. Belly. Meeting Changing Customer Expectations for How to Receive and Purchase Food."

There will also be a stellar lineup of keynote speakers covering a wide range of pertinent topics. Three who you definitely don't want to miss include:


1. Jackson Jeyanayagam, Chief Marketing Officer at

Jackson JeyanayagamJackson Jeyanayagam manages all of the marketing operations for, a start-up online wholesale retailer that has been thriving in the increasingly digital FMCG marketplace. His presentation, "Delivering a Personal Customer Experience Right to Your Door...And Your Heart," will explain how his company utilizes machine learning to add human touches to all their orders and delight customers.


2. Wayne Duan, VP of eCommerce & Digital at Constellation Brands

Wayne DuanWayne Duan's presentation, titled "The View From Both Sides. What Brands And Retailers Need to Know About Each Other to Win in the Age of the Consumer," goes beyond the obvious trends of how mobile commerce is growing, to break down how retailers and CPGs (consumer packaged goods) can better engage with each other to help ensure mutual success within the digital marketplace. He should know. As the former general manager of Walgreens Digital Commerce now driving the eCommerce growth agenda of a Fortune 500 international beer, wine and spirits giant, Duan has unique insights from the retail and brand worlds he'll share for attendees to implement upon returning home.


3. Carmela Cugini, GM Grocery and Wholesale, US eCommerce at &

Carmela CuginiCarmela Cugini is an industry expert with 20 years of FMCG experience. Her talk, "Cha Cha Cha Changes! Keeping Pace with the Future of Food & Beverage," will address what retailers can do to turn digital challenges into opportunities, answering the all-important question: "What can we do differently beyond what we are doing today?"


Grability will be there.

If you're also attending the Digital Food & Beverage Conference, let us know below, so we can get in touch!


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