Grability Earns High Praises For Building Walmart Mexico's Award-Winning Grocery App

Published Monday, February 26, 2018

Already bestowed the distinguished honor of being named one of the "Best of 2017" applications by global tech titan Apple, grocery app developer Grability is currently receiving high praises from multinational retail giant Walmart for its efforts building the award-winning 'Superama a domicilio' app and helping pave Walmart de Mexico y Centroamerica's route to e-commerce preeminence. 

E-Commerce Director at Walmart Cui Arroyo recently detailed the history and many successes of the Walmart-Grability partnership in a piece titled "Walmart Mexico's Path to E-Commerce Dominance in a Budding Industry" published on customer story site Upshot.

Back in 2005, in an attempt to adapt to the booming digital landscape, Walmart Mexico created an e-commerce site called Superama, their first major online operation.

"Superama was the market leader in online grocery purchases at a time when online grocery shopping was essentially non-existent," writes Arroyo. "We dominated the industry, but it was an industry that was in its infancy. We knew it wouldn’t stay that way. We would need to improve our offering to stay on top." 

In 2013, Walmart relaunched its Superama app, but by 2015, he continues, "we knew we needed a change. We realized we could revamp our app to better grow with the Mexican consumer."

"Previously, we did most of our online initiatives in-house, but we were humble enough to know when we needed help," explains Arroyo. "Walmart wanted to partner with someone who had expertise in e-commerce app development. We required someone who could challenge our assumptions and previous practices."

Enter Grability. Walmart's team had met one of its founders through mutual networks, and they decided to take a risk on the then-startup.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Grability's vision, know-how, and unique perspective elevated not just Walmart's app and understanding of the industry, but elevated its users' experience to an entirely new level. As aforementioned, even the App Store editors at Apple took notice—crowning Grability's white-label solution Superama app one of the best in existence in 2017.

Arroyo stresses in his Upshot story Walmart's "tremendous success with the app" and how this extraordinary partnership is still paying dividends—"growing fast and winning market share."

"We needed to work with a partner who would challenge the status quo—and us. To keep pace with the changing mindset of Mexican consumers, we needed to work with an agile partner," he writes. "Partnering with Grability brought fresh ideas and a completely different mindset to our challenge."

Likening the overall process of navigating the ever-changing digital landscape—and grocery e-commerce sector—to trekking up the harrowing slopes of Mount Everest, Arroyo believes that with Grability by his side, Walmart will make it to that sought-after summit.

"When you climb Everest, there will be headwinds and tough challenges," he writes. "You need to be aware of the risks and the difficulties you’ll experience at the mercy of elements you cannot control. You need to have the right information to get where you need to go, and it’s vital you have a strong partnership—like the one between Grability and Walmart—to help you reach the peak.

"If you do it right, you can learn important lessons along the way and when you reach the top, you’ll enjoy a reward few others can also say they’ve experienced," he continues. "And when we get to the summit, I’m looking forward to the view."

Read Walmart e-Commerce Director Cui Arroyo's full article Here.

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